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How can I manage my first board (and followers)?

What you see after logging in is your first board. To fit that board to your needs you should conduct the following actions:

  1. Add resources in to the left column of the board. Resources are for example: teams, equipment, agents.
  2. After adding resources to the “Types of work” box (located on the right) you can add all types of activities in which you involve your people/teams/resources (e.g. project categories). You need to match each type of work with a specific colour.
  3. Now you can manage your board. On your board you can visualize the availability of your resources/people/teams at that moment in time.

Click on the box in the matrix, which you’d like to fill out. You’ll see the details of your chosen box:

  1. Availability Evaluate the availability of resources during this time period from 0 to 100%.
  2. Activities Add activities/types of work which will be realized during this time period.
  3. Time-sharing Decide about the percentage of time spent on particular activities.

How can I add a new board?

You can add your own boards/grids - just click on "+" in the menu next to the "my first grid" board. Or you can modify the settings of an existing board - click on the small down arrow, which you can see next to the name of the board.

New boards can be added by Premium users (you can do it during free trial period as well).

How can I share a board?

To share a grid, you need to go to board settings (click on the small down arrow next to the name of the board) and click the “Share” button. In the form, which will appear, enter an email address of a person with whom you’d like to share the board (if it’s already a Clearly user, it should be the email address provided during registration) and (optionally) a message to introduce what it is and why you shared.

People with whom you have shared a board are only allowed read-only access and can’t modify it. To see a board they should have a Clearly account, but that can be also be possible with a free account (they don’t need to have a Clearly Premium subscription). You can always stop sharing boards with them - just go again to board settings and click “X” next to their email addresses.

How can I delete a board?

To delete a grid, you need to go to board settings (click on the small down arrow next to the name of the board) and click the “Delete this grid” button. Because of safety reasons you need to confirm your intention of deleting the grid by entering the name of the grid into a form.

There is no option to retrieve data from a deleted grid.